Weymouth Yacht Rigging, Inc. opened for business in April of 2011.  Loric Weymouth has launched a mobile rigging service, based in Rockland, Maine and serving New England.
    Services include: wire swaging from 3/32” – 1/2” diameter wire, splicing, spar repair, spar replacement, insurance estimates, deck layout, winch systems and service, furling systems, lifeline replacement, hydraulic systems, metal fabrication, and applications for architectural railing installations.  All work is warranted and the business carries liability insurance.
     Loric’s more than 17 year’s of experience as a yacht rigger has prepared him to start his business.  For the past ten years, Loric was the head rigger for Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding.  Custom deck layout, fabrication, and commissioning of spars were some of his major tasks as well as maintaining some of the older boats and refits.  Prior to Lyman Morse, Loric founded and ran the rigging department at Portland Yacht Services for five years.  Earlier he worked as a rigger at Bay Sailing in San Francisco, CA and Cypress Marine in Severna Park, MD.
    The scope of work has included vessels from dinghy to 100’.  Most of the projects have been modern sail and power boats, with a few classic rigs repaired, restored, or replaced.  Some favorites to date include BARAKA  Riechel Pugh 62’,  AILEEN S&S 48’, AMELIA Hood 63’, APOGEE Dictator 30’, AMITY 1901 Wilbur Morse Friendship sloop, KATRINKA Tripp 48’, and FAIRWEATHER S&S 52’.  Born into a family that enjoyed sailing, Loric was hooked at an early age.  He began racing Optimist class and center-boarders, then ocean racing, and some long distance deliveries.  Weymouth follows the family tradition in maritime activity, dating back several generations.  Weymouth Yacht Rigging, Inc. can be reached at 207-975-1405 or by email at loricw8@yahoo.com.